Word of Life in Baku expands the horizons
So much work is being done to spread the Word of God in Baku: Word of Life church is in the final stage of buying its own building. As you know, Azerbaijan is a country with a predominantly Muslim population and it needs the gospel.

Baku is a developed city, where there are especially many young people who need the Lord. Now the church meets weekly in a beautiful building, but for rent. They had the opportunity to purchase it, thanks to which the church will be able to carry out an even greater number of projects aimed at evangelism. The building is located near the city center, with two near metro stations. The big sanctuary for services is already designed for a large number of parishioners, but there is also an opportunity for further expansion of the hall and the growth of the church. The church has already made an advance payment for this building and now they need to pay the missing amount as soon as possible in order to redeem it completely. Word of Life will be able to exert even greater influence on the destinies of people, to train and send evangelists. This will open the door for God's work and bring light to this world.

The Senior Pastor of the church Alexander Neretin, has traveled around the cities of Russia in order to attract the attention of the churches to raise funds.

Also, the youth of the church launched a special project "The Path to a Dream", dedicated to the issue of buying the building. You can follow them in the social media through the hashtag #forthechurchofBaku.

Every church needs a home! We can become part of this work and support Word of Life church in Baku with our prayers and finances.

If you want to donate to Word of Life Church building in Baku write to us on office@woli.info and we will send you all the information.

Thank you for your support and participation in spreading of the Gospel!

*Word of Life international movement