24–29 JULY 2018
Hello dear friend and colleague in Word of Life International
The Europe Conference is approaching and we are greatly anticipating what God has planned for us. And we are really looking forward to the fellowship with those of you that have the possibility to join us here. God is using this conference to convey profound words to us individually and to our movement and it is a great privilege to be able to participate in it.

In order to improve the family feeling of Word of Life International we have prepared this year a new lounge for all of you leaders and your spouses. It is a whole tent designed for this purpose with good Swedish «fika» and cosy environment, all to make your experience a little better while you are here.
In order to have access to the "WOLI family lounge", you register as a WOLI leader at your arrival. The price for the whole week is 100 SEK per person, which give you free access to the lounge and the fika (coffee and something nice to eat) between the services during the week.

We are looking forward to see you here and we will do everything in our power to make your stay a great blessing to spirit, soul and body.


Word of Life International
*Word of Life international movement