History of WOLI

WOLI (Word of Life International) is an international association of churches. The churches are located mainly in Skandinavia, Russia, Ukraine, Armenia, Giorgia, the Baltic states, Central and east Europe, Azerbajdzjan, Central Asia, Vietnam and India.


WOLI is an association of national associations of churches. The local churches in the network are belonging to a national association with a main center. This center is organized in WOLI and the pastor of the main center is one of the members of the board. 

The national centers are:

Word of Life Sweden as representant for Word of Life Europe, India and Africa

Word of Life in Yerevan, Armenia and Giorgia

Word of Life Moscow as a center for Russia, Central Asia and Vietnam


WOLIs tasks as an association is:

To establish the identity and beliefs of the Word of Life churches

To coordinate mission and church planting within the movement

To build relationships and structures within the network of churches

To help pastors with standards for their leadership and conduct

To be a recourse for the churches in media, theology, family issues, ethics and missions


The vision of Word of Life is the direction for all activity within WOLI:

Equip the people of God with the word of faith

Show them their spiritual weapons

Teach them to use these weapons

Send them out into victorious battle for the Lord


The WOLI network of leaders meet at the WOLI Congress every second year.